NASA OIG Reports You Have Never Seen Before

Records regarding 36 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) closed investigations, 08-January-1991- 21-October-2008, Government Attic (PDF)

Keith's note: This compendium of closed NASA OIG investigations from, most of which have had material (names, numbers, etc.) redacted, makes fascinating reading.

One investigation in particular in June 2008 resulted from an anonymous hotline complaint alleging that Mike Griffin told Lockheed Martin not to bid on a ISS Service RFP.

In addition there are complaints that were investigated regarding shuttle parts being sold on eBay, conflicts of interest, over charging, stiffling of dissent by PAO, and improper use of NASA affiliation in complaints about textbook contents.

There was also a complaint and investigation about the quality of the Apollo 11 TV broadcast. Speaking of which, where is that report that Dick Nafzger at GSFC has been working on - the one he publicly stated was supposed to be released "within days"? It has been a month.

Table of contents listing below

1. Dart Hazmat - Ames Research Center, January 5, 2007
2. Bird Strike Safety Precautions at KSC (Kennedy Space Center), April 23, 2007
3. Recovery of Suspected NASA Manned Space Program Property, Langley Research Center, May 23, 3007
4. Sale of Flown Items by NASA Civil Servant, Johnson Space Center, May 24, 2007
5. Sale of NASA Equipment by Sotheby's (Eisele's Omega Watch), June 12, 2007
6. NASA OIG investigation of the Hubble Space Telescope primary mirror (I-GO-90-259), January 8, 1991
7. Anomalies on the GOES-R Program, Goddard Space Flight Center, June 6, 2008
8. Concerns Involving COTS and ISS Contracts, NASA Headquarters, June 17, 2008
9. Review of GAO's Audit on NASA Travel, Mission Management Aircrafts, June 18, 2008
10. Improper Letter to Houghton Mifflin Company, Goddard Space Flight Center, July 15, 2008
11. Final Memorandum Regarding Potential Overpayment to Contractor, Johnson Space Center, IG-08-028, August 28, 2008
12. Letter to Congress, "NASA's Compliance with Federal Export Control Laws and Risks Associated with the lllegal Transfer or Theft of Sensitive Technologies," Report No. ML-07-010, July 20, 2007
13. IG-98-003, Use of Government Credit Card by Someone Other Than the Cardholder, December 5, 1997
14. IG-98-002, Space Station Performance Measurement Cost Data, November 13, 1997
15. IG-99-017, Disaster Recovery Planning at Kennedy Space Center, March 31, 1999
16. IG-02-024, Barters on the International Space Station Program, September 6, 2002
17. Alleged Cost Mischarging on NASA Shuttle and Space Station Programs, Johnson Space Center, O-JS-08-0097-P, April 7, 2008
18. Alleged Conflict of Interest Standing Review Board Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Project, Johnson Space Center, O-JS-08-0162-P, April 22, 2008
19. Alleged Columbia Tile for Sale on eBay, O-LA-08-0112-S, May 5, 2008
20. Alleged Science Suppression at ARC, O-AR-08-0315-S, May 7, 2008
21. NASA Documents, Pictures, Prototypes for Sale on Craig's List, O-KE-08-0216-HL-P, June 4, 2008
22. Alleged Possession of Challenger O-Ring Debris, O-KE-08-0360-P, August 29, 2008
23. Alleged False Statements Regarding Water Recovery System (WRS), O-KE-08-0400-S, September 18, 2008
24. Alleged Suppression of Science and Scientists, NASA Headquarters, O-GO-07-0059-S, September 29, 2008
25. Alleged Procurement Integrity Violation - Constellation Space Suit Systems (CSSS), Johnson Space Center, O-JS-08-0370-P, October 20, 2008
26. Alleged Disclosure of Confidential Investigation, O-MF-08-0316-P, October 21, 2008
27. Possible Sale of Shuttle Parts, NASA Headquarters, O-LA-08-0186-HL-S, July 23, 2008
28. Auction of Space Items, Johnson Space Center, O-JS-08-0179-HL-S, July 29, 2008
29. Possible Challenger Debris, O-KE-08-0180-HL-S, August 4, 2008
30. Conflict of Interest Involving NASA Astronaut, Johnson Space Center, O-JS-08-0305- HL-M, August 8, 2008
31. Temperform USA, LLC et al., O-LB-01-0400-O, August 12, 2008
32. Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) Program Issues, Goddard Space Center, O-GO-07-0040-HL-S, July 24, 2007
33. Alleged Theft of Mercury Flown Helmet, Johnson Space Center, O-JS-07-0220-P, September 17, 2007
34. Alleged Moon Rock Possession, NASA Headquarters, O-JS-07-0441-HL-S, October 5, 2007
35. Accountability and Security Vulnerabilities of Lunar Material, Goddard Flight Center, OGO-
07-0119-S, October 22, 2007
36. Apollo 11 SSTV Tapes, Goddard Space Flight Center, O-HS-06-0599-HYL-S, November 2, 2007

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