NASA's Employee Directory Still Contains Dead People and Former Employees

6 steps to cutting the cord with departing employees, Federal Computing Week

"Thus, when hypothetical employee J.P. Goddard, a network administrator with ten years at the agency, submits his resignation, NASA can effectively de-provision him within minutes, if necessary. But NASA and other large agencies have learned that its difficult to develop a single switch to flick and reliably block access to all the various systems that contain sensitive information. Just identifying all the accounts a long-term employee like Goddard may have isnt always easy. ... NASAs work consolidating Active Directory accounts used to authenticate Goddards privileges to the network and applications is helping to speed this step. Dubbed NCAD, for NASA Centralized Active Directory, the project is bringing individual directories created at various NASA locations under a single, centralized directory."

Sloppy NASA IT: Someone Needs To Update NED (update), earlier post

Keith's note: It has been two weeks since my initial post. NASA's new way of finding its employees still has problems with people who are no longer employed at the agency, some that were and have died, and in several cases, people who never worked there to begin with. According to, the NASA Enterprise Directory or "NED" former NASA Administrators Sean O'Keefe, Mike (and Rebecca) Griffin and Dick Truly still work at NASA as do a number of my dead friends and deceased members of Space Shuttle Columbia's crew Willie McCool and Ilan Ramon (and Ramon's non-NASA widow). In addition, former astronauts Jim Lovell, Frank Borman, Buzz Aldrin (and his non- NASA employee wife Lois) are in the employee directory even though they have not worked there for decades and there wasn't even email when they did.

This is getting to be somewhat pathetic. NASA cannot even purge its online phone book of dead and ex-employees - even when the names are pointed out to them for weeks - and yet NASA wants to be seen as being on the cutting edge of IT in the Federal government?

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