Photosynth Mapping Underway Inside ISS

NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 August 2009

"Mike Barratt had ~1.5 hrs for taking special photographic shots with the D2X digital cameras for starting Photosynth mapping in the FGB, Lab, Node-1, Node-2, Airlock, Columbus, Kibo JPM and JLP. [Photosynth is a Microsoft-developed process to turn series of photos into 3-D panoramic vistas. Photosynth allows everyone (except Mac users) to create unique panoramas or "synths" using their own photos. Photosynth was already used by NASA last year for RPM (R-bar Pitch Maneuver) photography of the Orbiter underside. It is being used to create a 3-D rendering of the ISS's interior for training purposes, so astronauts familiarize themselves with their new home before they get there.]"

Keith's note: I wonder if they will put all of this online. They really should.

Keith's note: According to an email from NASA PAO: "ISS Photosynth models along with Photosynth models of the Mars rovers have been posted since May 7 (NASA Press Release). The Photosynth models can be accessed through the station webpage at A model of the HST using imagery from STS-125 was added soon after servicing mission completion. The ISS Photosynth site is being maintained and periodically updated and improved."

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