Remember your dreams THEN of NOW

It's Time to Get Serious About Our 40 Year Old Dream

"It's time to find out if humans can permanently live and work in space, according to an article written by Mark Sykes and published today in the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona's morning newspaper. "This has never been a part of U.S. space policy, despite a long history of public relations implying the opposite," Sykes says. Sykes, CEO and director of the Tucson-based Planetary Science Institute, has a poster hanging in his office that shows astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the Moon next to an American flag. The caption reads: "Remember your dreams THEN of NOW." When that photo was taken in 1969, Americans believed they would lead the way into space and by 2009 people would be working in well-established colonies on the Moon and Mars and even in space habitats, Sykes said. Instead, after hundreds of billions of dollars spent and the loss of many lives in our human space-flight endeavors, NASA has announced plans to abandon and de-orbit its only platform in space -- the International Space Station. The orbiting platform will be scuttled in 2016, only five years after its completion."

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