This is Why People Often Don't Take Space Advocates Seriously

Found art, The Space Review

"On Wednesday, August 5, the Human Spaceflight Review Committee, popularly called the Augustine Commission, held a public meeting in Washington, DC. Robert Zubrin spoke to the committee. Somebody, probably a Mars Society member but probably not Zubrin himself, left several of these bumper-sticker-sized placards around the building. I found this one in the men's room."

Keith's note: Despite comments to the contrary by the Mars Society's Executive Director, their local DC chapter paints a somewhat different picture i.e. that these bumper stickers were distributed at the Mars Society convention in the DC metro area several days before: "Hi Folks, I picked one up at our Con on the last day or so, somewhere in the vicinity of the exhibit room, I think. I did not see any at the Auggies meeting, but having had lunch with Zubrin, I saw no evidence he was aware of them. C'est la vie. It is an amusing sentiment, but misplaced. The dangers of the moon far exceed those of Mars, so it could be argued that only the foolishly "brave" return to the moon. Cheers, Bob Terry"

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