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NASA Panel Grapples With Cost of Space Plans, NY Times

"Unable to fit anything into the official budget, Dr. Ride and her colleagues tried to see how various programs would fit into an "unconstrained budget," which would be allowed to overshoot it by up to $3 billion a year, then grow with inflation. The best fit in that case was something called "Deep Space," which would involve flybys of asteroids, the Moon or Mars and other interesting places in deep space, but not necessarily landing on the Moon or Mars. Under that plan, Dr. Ride reported, there could be missions every other year in the 2020s past asteroids and Mars and even a landing on the Moon by 2029 or 2030."

NASA's Trajectory Unrealistic, Panel Says, Washington Post

"Moreover, the current strategy involves retiring the space shuttle in 2010 and replacing it with the new Ares I rocket and the Orion crew capsule, which NASA hopes would be ready to take astronauts to low Earth orbit in 2016. During the long gap in NASA's human spaceflight ability, American astronauts would have to hitch rides into space on Russian rockets. The awkward plan has been seen as a budgetary necessity, with shuttle program money flowing into the new Constellation program that features the new space hardware that could eventually put astronauts on the lunar surface. The committee has chewed over a basic paradox in the plan, which is that, even if everything went smoothly, the new rocket would not be able to get astronauts to low Earth orbit until just about the time that the space station would be fireballing its way back to Earth."

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