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Save Space is a movement started by people on the Space Coast to raise the awareness of the nation, the President, and other elected officials: Space needs to be a priority for America. As the clock ticks toward the end of the Space Shuttle program, as the President and his advisors review the Augustine Commission recommendations, as Florida's economic engine falters. it is imperative that we make our voices heard by writing letters to the President: Save Our Space Program!

Our Goal: 500,000 letters by October 31

Partners: Brevard County, Florida Today, Space Coast Association of Realtors, Space Florida

Domain Owner: John Sellers Brevard County

Keith's note: And of course the obligatory, yet mostly mythical, totally unsubstantiated, vaguely described, and often plain wrong NASA spinoff paragraph is included as well: "Satellite communications, microwaves, cellular phones, miniaturized computers, pacemakers, kidney dialysis, scratch-resistant lenses, medical and sports technology, adjustable smoke detectors, cordless tools, and water filters are just a few examples of the advances that have occurred through NASA space research. Not to mention the entrepreneurs, jobs, and commercial aspects of many space research spin-offs."

Microwave ovens were invented in the 1940s - before NASA. Modern kidney dialysis was also invented in the 1940s. Doesn't anyone ever research these claims?

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