Bolden Speaks On NASA's Future Path - Or Did He?

NASA may push Ares I as demonstration project instead

"Officials say that in a teleconference last week, Bolden told senior agency managers that he was considering recommending to President Barack Obama that NASA keep working on its controversial AresI rocket as a "technology demonstrator" -- a development project -- for the more powerful Ares V rocket still on the drawing board. Bolden's remarks followed a presentation by NASA managers that showed how, with some changes, its Constellation program of Ares I and Ares V rockets could appear to fit in with findings of a 10-member presidential committee that recently reviewed the agency's plans for human exploration. But one high-ranking NASA official who listened in to the meeting -- but wasn't authorized to talk about it -- said the conversation was "unfortunately caught up in the fantasy" that NASA would be getting an annual $3billion increase to its current $18billion budget -- a hike that administration officials say is highly unlikely. Senior administration officials also cautioned against reading too much into Bolden's comments, saying the NASA chief is still trying on ideas and weighing options."

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