Desert RATS Update

Twitter: @KeithCowing I am going to attempt a live webcast of LER crew emerging at 3 pm PDT today @DESERT_RATS keep an eye on

Desert RATS Video: Gopher's Eye View of LER Rollout

"The Lunar Electric Rover (LER) rolls out for its last day of a 14 day mission. NASA Edge and Challenger Center/OnOrbit personnel used their cameras to get a gopher's eye view of the rollout and provided color commentary afterward."

Desert RATS Video: Tour of a NASA Desert RATS Lunar Habitat Module

"Robert Howard from NASA JSC provides a tour of one of the mobile lunar habitat modules at NASA Desert RATS"

Desert RATS Video: Passing the Lunar Electric Rover on a Dusty Road in Arizona

"The Challenger Center/Green Trails Energy truck was hauling a LER cab back to Desert RATS base camp when it caught up with another LER making its way back to base camp."

NASA Desert RATS Video: Athlete Rover Wanders By Our Trailer

"The Challenger Center/Green Trails Energy Trailer is located on the road that enters Desert RATS base camp. As such we see all of what is coming and going. This afternoon, the Athlete rover wandered by, more or less on its own, stopped, and then moved on."

NASA Desert RATS Video: Following The Lunar Electric Rover

"The NASA Desert RATS Lunar Electric Rover heads out of base camp on its last traverse before the end of its 14 day mission"

NASA Desert RATS Video: Tools, tools, and more tools

"These shipping containers carry all of the tools and spare parts needed to keep the various Desert RATS rovers and robots in operation."

Photo Gallery: Day One at Desert RATS

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