Droids, Bots, and Other Mecha at Desert RATS

NASA Invites Reporters to Observe Robotics Tests in Arizona Desert

"NASA will hold the annual Desert "RATS," or Research and Technology Studies, field test in the Arizona desert this fall, hosting a media day for journalists on Sept. 15. Desert RATS will help determine what technologies and capabilities will be needed when NASA takes future trips beyond Earth. The tests will include a simulated 14-day mission during which two crew members -- an astronaut and a geologist -- will live inside NASA's prototype Lunar Electric Rover. They will scout the test area for features of geological interest and conduct simulated moonwalks to collect samples."

Power Droids at Desert RATS, OnOrbit

"Green Trail Energy has partnered with the Challenger Center for Space Science Education to provide logistical and technical support for Education and Public Outreach (EPO) to be done at NASA's annual Desert RATS activity in Arizona this month. This activity is made possible by a Space Act Agreement between NASA and the Challenger Center. ... The GSW7000 portable power system, whose utilization is being donated to this activity by Green Trail Energy, can provide 2.4 KW of wind power and 4.4 KW of solar power. With its extendable 106 foot tower, it can also serve as a cell phone node and provide WiFi and WiMAX connectivity."

Power Droids Arrive at Desert RATS, OnOrbit

"Both the larger GSW7000 portable power system aka the "Power Droid" and a smaller Solar power/ communications trailer (the mini-Power Droid) arrived in Flagstaff today and ready for operations."

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