Generation Mars

NASA ESMD Internal White Paper: Concept Proposal: Generation Mars

"NASA must remain the world leader in human spaceflight and lead humankind to prepare for missions to Mars. We are going to Mars because it is civilization's next major challenge. The Apollo generation had Gemini and Mercury--stepping stones that made the impossible possible. The generation born today is going to Mars; its stepping stones will be the ISS and other shorter-term destinations along the way. Some will be able to experience the journey first hand and many more will be able to experience it virtually. It is exciting, inspiring and what NASA should be doing."

Keith's note: According to NASA PAO "Some of us became aware of the document today. As you might guess, a lot of people inside and outside the agency are suggesting ideas in anticipation of the Augustine Committee's final report. We consider this little more than a brainstorming exercise by its authors. NASA will do nothing to get in front of the Committee's work. Until the final report is delivered and we have had time to thoughtfully consider the options presented, it would be premature for anyone to present a path forward."

NASA Mars exploration study drafted, officials say it's not meant to influence Augustine Commission, Huntsville Times

"NASA managers have crafted a draft proposal that outlines a plan to skip going back to the moon and places the space agency on course to send astronauts to Mars."

NASA aims for a Mars landing in 30 years, Orlando Sentinel

"It is unknown who wrote the paper, although NASA officials acknowledged it came from inside the agency. The proposal was published Friday afternoon on from unknown authors inside of NASA's Exploration Mission directorate, the same NASA division that runs Constellation. Another uncertainty: whether there are competing white papers within the agency and how much power the authors wield within the agency. This could affect its chances of becoming real."

Space experts question proposed NASA Mars goal, Huntsville Times

"During public hearings, the Augustine panel has said repeatedly NASA probably will not receive a hefty budget increase, Cowing pointed out. "Supporters of space regularly have a problem translating their enthusiasm for space to the general public," he said. "The public has other issues they are concerned with. If you inelegantly explain this as just 'Give me more money,' then it will drop with a resonating thud. "NASA has to make a compelling case that anybody on the street will agree and say 'Give me some of that.'"

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