Just Send Money - And Everything Will Be Just Fine

Potential uphill battle for NASA, Houston Chronicle

NASA supporters are bracing for an uphill battle to get the extra funding needed to take on missions more ambitious than visits to the international space station. A high-level panel told President Barack Obama last week that the space program needs an infusion of about $3 billion more a year by 2014. That may be a tough sell, even though the amount could be considered spare change in a fast-spending capital where the White House and Congress are on track to dole out nearly $4 trillion this year to finance federal operations, including bailouts for Wall Street firms, banks and automakers.

Aerospace Expert Says Job Loss Will Damage NASA, Central Florida 13

On the heels of the Augustine Commission's conclusion that NASA's current plans to get back to the moon and beyond would cost an extra $3 billion a year, it is now up to the White House to decide what's next. The projected 8-year gap as the shuttle program retires and the Constellation program begins could be a strategic nightmare for NASA's manned spaceflight program. It could cost the region thousands of jobs lost associated with the space program at Kennedy Space Center.

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