Selling NASA To The Skeptics

NASA veteran warns manned space program is a hard sell on Capitol Hill, Houston Chronicle

"Supporters of NASA have to prove to Congress and the American people that NASA is "an essential part" of the nation's scientific, educational and economic prowess, as well as milestone in U.S. history, [J.T.] Jezierski said. "A collection of mission patches may get you in the door (on Capitol Hill)," Jezierski said. "But the ability to share the NASA story, not just about what we did 40 years ago but what we are doing today" remains crucial to getting the message out "while conveying that through NASA we can promote innovation for our industrial base, create and secure jobs and inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists." Jezierski urged the audience to "rally around" the recommendation by a White House-appointed panel of space experts for Congress to boost NASA's budget by $3 billion a year by 2014 to underwrite a robust manned space program."

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