Support for Commercial Space Continues to Grow

Spaced Out - NASA's vision for human exploration needs some hard questions and perhaps an entrepreneurial boost, Washington Post

"Now that the station is nearly complete, this might be an optimal time to open space to entrepreneurs. Many companies claim they possess the capacity to transport humans and payloads into space; the review committee found their reports convincing enough to suggest that these space entrepreneurs could take over the transport of astronauts and supplies to the space station after the shuttle program ends. It's time to boldly go where no man has gone before. That means opening space to the kind of private-sector competition that revolutionized cyberspace and making sure the next human exploratory efforts are based on real scientific need."

The Case for Commercial Crew, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

"Given the Washington Post endorsement today, we thought it would be timely to list some of the benefits of the $2.5 billion Commercial Crew program advocated by the Augustine Committee in its final public hearing ..."

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