Another Stealth NASA Spinoff

Medical City Dallas Hospital and Allocade, Inc. Improve Patient Experience With New Artificial Intelligence System, Allocade

Health IT & NASA Technology, Federal News Radio

"A hospital in Dallas is using NASA technology to improve its patient flow. The technology - called the On-Cue system - uses artificial intelligence to automate patient flow and improve efficiency. Once the system is running, doctors and nurses will be able to see each patient's daily schedule, which will update in real-time. Doctors hope it will help them deal with unpredictable changes and miscommunication."

Dallas hospital to deploy NASA technology to improve patient flow, HealthCare IT News

"The genesis of the On-Cue technology comes from Allocade's founder and chief technology officer, Don Rosenthal, who led the Artificial Intelligence Applications Group at the NASA Ames Research Center. The On-Cue engine is the result of Rosenthal's work to use the limited resources of the Hubble Space Telescope."

Keith's note: I went to NASA's Spinoff database to see if I could find any information. None was found. There is no mention of this online at NASA ARC or anywhere else. It is curious how NASA thumps its chest over old spinoffs but when new ones make the news NASA hasn't a clue that it has even happened.

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