Bolden Live at STA Breakfast (Archived)

Keith's note: You can watch/listen to a recording of a live webcast made of Charlie Bolden speaking at the Space Transportation Association breakfast this morning in the Rayburn Building on Capitol Hill at

Topics covered include last night's Astronomy event at the White House, Augustine Commission, and Green aviation.

Obama's R&D pledge for NASA? It's news to Charlie Bolden, Orlando Sentinel

"If the president was going to give more money to NASA, it was also news to administrator Bolden. At a Capitol Hill breakfast speech Thursday, Bolden applauded Obama's goal of raising U.S. spending on research and development , saying he hoped NASA would be included in that effort. "That's an incredible number if, in fact, he's going to do that," said Bolden, "Because I would like to have some of that."

Not nuts, but a little different, Space Politics

"A little later in [Bolden's] speech he made similar comments. "I'm not here to get used to this culture. I don't want to get used to this culture. But if you will allow me to do the job you asked me to do, I'll do it and I do it well." Also: "I won't talk about politics. I don't do politics. For those of you who want to teach me, I don't want to learn."

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