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Ryan Derousseau: WhoRunsGov.com, the Washington Post Co.'s directory of powerful players in government, wants to expand its profiles of NASA officials. Help us grow our knowledge of the space community by contributing to our moderated wiki, where you - the users with invaluable information about your fellow policymakers - can add to existing profiles or create entirely new ones about the people you know best. There are several ways you can highlight the accomplishments of NASA and its leaders:

-Update our profile of NASA CIO Linda Cureton
-Add profiles of top NASA officials who are not on our site, including:

1. Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr.
2. Deputy Administrator Lori B. Garver
3. Chief of Staff George T. Whitesides
4. General Counsel Michael Wholley

These are only a few names we definitely need. For example, if you think Associate Administrator of Aeronautics Research Jaiwon Shin should be highlighted for his work, then feel free to write a profile of him.

How to Participate: (continued below)

In order to participate, all you need to do is go to WhoRunsGov.com and click the "Add a Profile" button. Just follow the instructions to add a new profile and when you're done click "Save" then "notify an editor." Once you submit the profile, we will edit it before publishing. We will make sure it looks good, and you will get a byline. If the official is mentioned in a Washington Post story, the Post will link to the profile from its web site. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at deroussr@washpost.com.

Thank you, and please help our wiki community get to know your leaders and colleagues.

-Ryan Derousseau
Social Media Coordinator and Reporter

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