Review of NASA's New iPhone App

NASA iPhone App now Available from App Store

"A NASA App for the iPhone and iPod touch is available free of charge at the App Store from Apple. The NASA application will deliver a wealth of information, videos, images and news updates about NASA missions to people's fingertips."

Keith's note: What I don't understand is why Mini-RF (the instrument on LRO that accused spy Stu Nozette is/was PI for) is on the main page but Hubble is not (unless you type in a search for it) and why Mars Express, an ESA mission, gets prime billing on a NASA app when NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter does not. And of course, top billing goes to "Constellation, NASA's Future" when nearly all of its hardware is still on the drawing board - except for Ares 1-X. Oh wait - I forgot - this is an ESMD app.

Also ... apps for Android and other phone OS platforms would be nice too.

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