Nervous In Huntsville

Shelby lashes out at White House space committee

"Republican Senator Richard Shelby launched a preemptive strike on President Barack Obama's blue ribbon space panel ther day before its due to release its final report, calling the committee's findings "worthless." Shelby, a staunch defender of NASA's Marshal Space Flight Center In Huntsville, Alabama, said in a Senate floor speech that the committee failed to consider safety when it ranked various rocket options for the White House to consider. "Without an honest and thorough examination of the safety and reliability aspects of the various designs and options for manned space flight, the findings of this report are worthless," said Shelby."

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden hopes to meet with Obama before end of year on agency future, Huntsville Times

"I certainly hope we can meet, discuss his wants for NASA, provide him with the information he needs and hear his decisions before the end of the year," Bolden told The Times after he made a presentation at the Von Braun Center today. "The sooner we can move forward the better. However, the president has a lot of decisions about a number of areas to make. We are one on his list."

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