(Still) Waiting For Norm [Update]

NASA review panel report likely to be delivered to White House by mid-October, Huntsville Times

"A much anticipated independent report about the future of NASA and human space flight probably will not be sent to President Barack Obama until the middle of October, a spokesman for panel told The Times today. "I don't see a firm date just now," said Augustine Commission spokesman Doc Mirelson. "What we are seeing is probably the second week of October."

Keith's note: As such it is unlikely that the White House will have anything definitive to say until perhaps a few days before Thanksgiving.

Augustine Space Flight Committee Announces Additional Meeting

"The Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee will hold a public teleconference on Thursday, Oct. 8, from approximately 1 to 2 p.m. EDT. The only topic for discussion will be finalization of scoring of options the committee presented in their summary report on Sept. 8. This meeting will be held by teleconference only. The teleconference will be open to the public."

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