Yet Another Space Commerce Announcement from Florida

Kosmas and Posey Introduce Legislation to Encourage Commercial Spaceflight Industry

"Today, Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24) and Congressman Bill Posey (FL-15) introduced legislation to help minimize the impact of the impending human spaceflight gap on Central Florida's economy by encouraging the development of the commercial spaceflight industry. The bipartisan bill would establish a competitive Commercial Space Transportation R&D "Centers of Excellence" (COE) program within NASA."

Keith's note: This latest announcement seems to be all about Florida's economy, not any other part of the U.S., NASA, or commercial spaceflight (but I guess they can all play too). Why does NASA need to be brought into the mix and make things more complex when the private sector seems to be doing just fine on its own? The most effective way to use tax dollars, if that is what the authors of this bill want to do, would be to buy tickets on these new commercial rockets.

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