2012: Stupidity For The Masses

NASA on a crusade to debunk 2012 apocalypse myths, AFP

"The world is not coming to an end on December 21, 2012, the US space agency insisted Monday in a rare campaign to dispel widespread rumors fuelled by the Internet and a new Hollywood movie. ... Some websites accuse NASA of concealing the truth on the wayward planet's existence, but the US space agency denounced such stories as an "Internet hoax."

The world won't end in 2012, NASA argues, DVICE

"NASA is interested in particular with Nibiru -- also known as Planet X, a fabled celestial object that "2012" addresses -- which some believe may collide with or pass nearby the Earth, ending life as we know it."

Review: Roland Emmerich's '2012' as massively entertaining as it is stupid, St. Petersburg Times

"Director Roland Emmerich slaps an exclamation point on disaster movies with 2012, a movie as massively entertaining as it is stupid. It's the first time I ever felt like I was witnessing the end of not only the world but also a genre."

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