Another Missed Synergy at NASA

Planet 51 PSA Campaign Brings NASA's Message of Exploration Down to Earth

"In a public service announcement about diversity, Johnson underscores the importance of a global work force: "On this planet promoting diversity is very important. At NASA, astronauts from all nationalities and backgrounds work together aboard the International Space Station to help improve our lives here on Earth. I'm here to tell you that every barrier is meant to be broken, whether it's the sound barrier, the furthest layer of the Earth's atmosphere, the outer limits of our solar system, or the challenges we face here at home."

Keith's note: There was a lot of talk (with no mention whatsoever of NASA or space exploration) at TEDxNASA held by NASA LaRC in Newport News, VA on Friday about dealing with poverty, racism, inclusivenes, inspiration, etc. On the same day that this event was being held, NASA HQ PAO released a PSA featuring Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, who stars in the new film "Planet 51". A DVD of this film was flown and photographed in space.

In the video Johnson talks about diversity on Earth and in space. What a perfect tie-in to many of the the TEDxNASA presentations - many of which were lacking in a direct context with NASA. Did HQ PAO offer this video to the TEDxNASA organizers or LaRC PAO? Did the organizers ask to use it? Did NASA HQ PAO make any mention of the TEDxNASA event - or link to the webcast? No. Both events were planned weeks in advance - yet neither group was apparently aware - or sought to be aware - of what the other was doing.

NASA has opportunities almost every day wherein one thing can be used in a synergistic fashion with another thing. Yet there seems to be little if any concern or coordination in this regard. And then NASA complains that the public does not understand or appreciate what it does for them. Small wonder since none of this is seemingly coordinated.

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