ESA/NASA Mars Agreement Signed (Update)

Nasa and Esa sign Mars agreement, BBC

"The agreement, which was penned in Washington DC, gives the green light to scientists and engineers to begin the joint planning of Red Planet missions. The union will start with a European-led orbiter in 2016, and continue with surface rovers in 2018, and then perhaps a network of landers in 2018. The ultimate aim is a mission to return Mars rock and soils to Earth labs."

NASA/ESA Mars Initiative, earlier post from 28 Jul 2009

Keith's 9 Nov note: Why is it that NASA has not issued a press release on this topic? Or the earlier item from July? When will NASA post the text of the agreement?

Keith's 10 Nov update: I asked NASA PAO for a copy of the MOU and they provided it to me this morning. I find it rather bizarre that NASA SMD did not releases this on their own.

Statement of Intent for Potential Joint Robotic Exploration of Mars 5 November 2009

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