LCROSS: Yes, We Found Water - A Significant Amount

NASA's LCROSS Impacts Confirm Water in Lunar Crater

"Preliminary data from NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, indicates the mission successfully uncovered water in a permanently shadowed lunar crater."

Keith's note: My LCROSS "coverage" on Twitter this afternoon.

#LCROSS Earlier SMD press conference on LRO stressed that Moon is "drier than driest desert on Earth". Well, that is no longer true.
#LCROSS the impact plume was as bright as we expected - a magnitude 8 star - the issue was that it was behind a hill
WRT the #LCROSS tweet by @leverburton - he has 1,431,492 followers - 10x more than @NASA has
RT @levarburton How cool is this? NASA confirms water on the moon...
#LCROSS ESMD's Mike Wargo: "A few months ago who'd have thought that we'd be talking about a hydration cycle on the Moon!"
#LCROSS and #NASA are currently in the top ten trending topics on Twitter
#LCROSS This water is possibly a resource for human exploration - adefinitive discovery. What is equally important is what we do next.

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