More Infighting Among The Faithful

Keith's 15 Nov. note: Apparently the Space Frontier Foundation plans to create their own version of "March Storm" - a visit by pro-space advocates to lobby on Capitol Hill. "March Storm" has been conducted for a number of years by another organization, Prospace. Well, Prospace is not too happy about Space Fronter Foundation's usurping of their turf and has fired back with a press release. To be quite honest, I have detected little if any substantive impact on Congress by either group in the past few years. (Sigh) Yet another intramural spat between the true believers - one that will no doubt consume more energy than either group will ever actually spend focusing on Congress - or interacting with the real world outside the little bubble these groups all seem to live within.

Keith's update: Oh wait, now there will be a Prospace March Storm in 2010 after all. The Space Exploration Allaince is planning their own Legislative Blitz in February as well. Let's see if these groups come up with any new reasons to support space exploration other than the tired old reasons they have been using for more than a decade you know "NASA needs more money because space exploration is important" and/or "Let the private sector do it because NASA can't."

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