MSL Readiness to Proceed Review Underway

Keith's note: The Mars Science Laboratory Readiness to Proceed Review is underway and will last from 18-20 November.

"OBJECTIVES: The review board reviews the projects current technical and programmatic status in light of the progress made since the Re- Baseline Review, and is able to conclude that:

- The project's revised technical baseline & implementation approach for the 2011 opportunity remains viable, and adequate plans exist for closure of open items;
- The project's technical and programmatic risks are understood, have been credibly assessed, and plans and adequate resources exist for managing these risks to levels that are acceptable;
- The current cost to go is credible, and the programmatic resources, including the schedule margin, scope margin, and budget reserve, are adequate to complete the project within constraints with acceptable risk; and
- The Project is prepared to restart ATLO operations in February 2010, or has adequate plans and resources to complete preparations."


Figueroa, Orlando - Chair GSFC
Calloway, Michelle - RM HQ
Beach, Tim - New RM HQ
Braun, Robert, SAIC
Casani, John, JPL
Copeland, Mike, SAIC
Cunningham, Glenn, SAIC
Erickson, Jim, JPL
Free, James, GRC
Grammier, Rick, JPL
Greathouse, Richard, HQ
Hagopian, Michael, GSFC
Hill, Adrian, APL
Irons, Jim, GSFC
Jurczyk, Steve, LaRC
Kieffer, Hugh, SAIC
Kim, Yunjin, JPL
Lee, Gentry, JPL
Luers, Philip, GSFC
Muirhead, Brian, JPL
Patel, Keyur, JPL
Roberts, Barney, SAIC
Scott, Steve, GSFC
Thibault, Steven, APL

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