NASA Advisory Council In Flux (update)

Keith's 30 Oct. note: The NASA Advisory Council is holding a meeting, today at NASA ARC. Curiously, nowhere on the NAC website can I even find who the members of the NAC are. From what I gather Miles O'Brien, Esther Dyson, and Brett Alexander have been added but I do not know who has departed. I have asked NASA for a listing but have heard nothing back. Moreover, there seems to be some confusion on the NAC website as to how many committees the NAC has - is it 9 or 6? (See below).

Update: NASA Announces Advisory Council Chairs and Committee Structure

"The council's members provide advice and make recommendations to the NASA administrator about agency programs, policies, plans, financial controls and other matters pertinent to NASA's responsibilities. The chairs for the council and its committees are: ..."

On this page it says that "The NASA Administrator shall establish the following Council committees

  • Aeronautics Committee.
  • Audit, Finance and Analysis Committee.
  • Commercial Space Committee.
  • Education and Public Outreach Committee.
  • Exploration Committee.
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Committee.
  • Science Committee.
  • Space Operations Committee.
  • Technology and Innovation Committee."

Yet on this page it says

"The Council consists of six committees, each chaired and populated exclusively by Council members. The six committees are:

  • Aeronautics Committee
  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Exploration Committee
  • Human Capital Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Space Operations Committee"
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