Will Someone Please Wake Up ARC PAO?

The Wet Side of the Moon, Opinion, NY Times

"From the perspective of human space exploration, that water is the most important scientific discovery since the '60s. We can drink it, grow food with it and breathe it -- by separating the oxygen from the hydrogen through a process called electrolysis. These elements can even be used to fuel rocket engines. (Discovering water on Mars was not quite as significant because the major hurdle to establishing permanent settlements there is the eight-month journey.)"

Keith's note: Hmm, a young Ames employee, Wil Marshall, manages to get on the editorial page of the New York Times with a forward looking article about the human settlement of the Moon - a view encouraged by ARC's LCROSS mission findings. But does ARC PAO make any mention? Of course not.

Keith's update: ARC finally linked to this from their home page - 24 hours after it went online ...

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