Big Aerospace Warns of Job Cut Impact

AIAA President Warns Congress That Cuts to Human Spaceflight Programs Will Harm Aerospace Workforce, U.S. Economy, and National Security. AIAA

"AIAA President Dave Thompson today testified before the House Committee on Science and Technology on "Decisions on the Future Direction and Funding for NASA: What Will They Mean for the U.S. Aerospace Workforce and Industrial Base?" Thompson and his fellow panelists were asked to address the effects of NASA's future direction and funding on the country's aerospace industry and the nation as a whole."

Aerospace Workforce Imperiled by Funding Cuts, AIA

"U.S. preeminence in aerospace is threatened by aging demographics and uncertainty over the future of the U.S. space program and adequate funding to support it, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey said Thursday in testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology."

How to Contact Your Elected Officials, Boeing via Capitol Connect

"Contact your elected officials and let them know that NASA and its space exploration programs are on the right trajectory. As the President and Congress weigh the options for our nation's future space exploration policy, it's important our elected officials know that you support the Constellation and Ares rocket programs."

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