More Education Stove Piping at NASA

NASA Launches Web Site for Teenagers That Want More Class

"NASA has launched a new Web site created specifically for teenagers that provides teens access to current NASA spacecraft data for use in school science projects, allows them to conduct real experiments with NASA scientists, and helps them locate space-related summer internships."

Keith's note: Nice website. One big problem: no mention of human spaceflight or aeronautics. If NASA is going to launch a site like this it really should be run by the NASA Education Office and it should cover all that NASA does, not some subset thereof. I guess its too much to ask for SMD, ESMD, and SOMD to pool their separate EPO budgets to help the NASA Education Office do something like this - in a coordinated fashion such that all of the things that NASA does are included. (Sigh) more stove pipes.

P.S. With regard to the press release title: what sort of clunky grammar is NASA now using?

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