SpaceX Begins Training ISS Crews for Dragon Ops

SpaceX Hosts Preliminary Training for NASA ISS Astronauts in Preparation for Dragon Spacecraft Rendezvous and Station Berthing

"Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) recently conducted its first Dragon spacecraft operations training for a group of NASA astronauts and personnel at its corporate headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. The October training focused on how the crew will interface with the Dragon spacecraft while it is approaching and berthed to the International Space Station (ISS). Three of the participating astronauts--Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Shannon Walker and Douglas Wheelock--will be on board the ISS when Dragon makes its first visit under the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program."

SpaceX trains its first batch of NASA astronauts, Orlando Sentinel

"Interesting to note that one of the other astronauts in attendance, Marsha Ivins, helped designed NASA's Ares I rocket and was a key architect of the agency's Constellation Program to return astronauts to the moon in 2020. She is well-known opponent to the idea of scrapping Ares I and relying on companies like SpaceX to take crew back and forth to the space station."

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