The Outpost Tavern is Closing - And this time, it is for good.

"Together, Gene Ross, my mother, Sharon, and myself, have kept the Outpost Tavern going for the last thirty years, it has stayed open. My Mom and Gene being the bulk of it, I was meant to be the "Closer" of this deal! J Good or bad, whatever anyone thinks of how we did it, we kept it open for you!

However, like many good things in life, sometimes "we" are not in charge. In this case, the property that the OP sits on has been going through many changes ownership-wise, since Pete Wright died, and there has always been a certain air of uncertainty about what may happen in the future. Well, the future is here. I have been informed that the property has been sold to another party."

"Rather than wait, wondering when or if someone would come in and say "get out by Friday," I would like to give everyone notice that in January, we close. Finished. The End.

This way, we can enjoy the place a while longer, and make plans on how to save what we can. I would rather have the Outpost close my way, instead of having someone shut us down one day without so much as a "fare-well."

All-in-all, you must admit that it has been an interesting and fun run for this little bar. I hope that in the next several weeks, as we wind down the Outpost Tavern, we can see old faces once again. I was about eleven-years old when the OP first opened as "The Outpost," and now I have two kids and just celebrated my something-ith-birthday. Some who have been coming in have been there for longer, since it was Fort Terry's. You know who you are!

This is not a time to get mad, but instead to remember all the fun that everyone has had here. Most everyone who has been around here for any length of time has known for years that eventually, this day would come. I hate it. You hate it. But, here we are.

In 2010, it will be thirty years (yes!) since Gene bought the place from Terry. So, to end the Outpost Tavern, we will have one hell of a blow-out thirtieth Anniversary party. Hope everyone can attend!

Love to everyone,


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