Embracing Reality

Keith's note: Twitter has some 18 million active users. We've already seen how Twitter has started to alter how news and ideas are spread - instantaneously - with major TV networks scrambling to pay attention. To its credit, NASA was an early adopter and now makes remarkable use of Twitter - and is learning fast how to use other social networking tools. Twitter is paying attention - hence this banner - one that appears with regularity on Twitter.

Alas, while NASA has pushed the envelope with regard to social media, its Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs at NASA Headquarters, Morrie Goodman, has (privately) expressed deep skepticism with regard to the value of these tools. Is Morrie offering a reality check, or reaffirming the status quo of ideas and paradigms that are no longer relevant?

What is it that Twitter sees in NASA - that NASA does not see in Twitter?

Keith's 11 Jan update: Morrie Goodman does not agree with what I have posted. If/when he sends me a formal response, I will be happy to post it - verbatim.

Keith's 14 Jan update: Still waiting for Morrie Goodman's comments.

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