NASA: Less Money, New Direction?

No $1B Budget Increase for NASA; Fate of Ares 1 Rocket Still Unclear, Space News

"NASA will not be getting the $1 billion budget boost civil space advocates had hoped to see when President Barack Obama sends his 2011 spending proposal to Congress Feb. 1, requiring the U.S. space agency to make even tougher than expected choices about the future of its manned space program, according to sources with close ties to the administration."

White House: Don't expect big NASA announcement, Orlando Sentinel

"Despite the decision not to hold a separate unveiling of Obama's vision, senior adviser David Axelrod said the president was "committed" to NASA and that his belief in space would be revealed with the agency's 2011 budget. Axelrod would not comment, however, on whether NASA would see an increase in its 2010 budget of $18.7 billion."

Keith's note: The recent loss of Ted Kennedy's Senate seat to a Republican and other political disappointments seem to be causing the White House to pull back on public commentary regarding a number of things - especially ones that do not have solid, unrelenting public (and political) support.

As is always the case with NASA, hope springs eternal that NASA will be mentioned in the State of The Union address. That would seem to be increasingly unlikely - as is the (once hoped for) prospect of a separate i.e. high profile stand alone event wherein the President laid out his plans for NASA. As such, come budget time, NASA will once again slip back into the weeds, fly under the radar, etc.

However, those who would automatically interpret such shyness in terms of rhetoric on the part of the White House as being indicative of lack of support for NASA might be surprised. The White House is about to disturb a whole new set of hornet nests as it attempts a paradigm shift in how America does things in space by seeking to truly commercialize human space flight to the ISS.

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