Participatory Journalism

Keith's note: NASA AA for Public Affairs Morrie Goodman is an old school, traditional media type. He does not like the way I report things (OK, so who does?). But he also does not like the way that the NASA Advisory Council has been incorporated and wants to get at least one member removed due to their journalism background. So ... I sent him this email:

"Hmm .... Sanjay Gupta - in Haiti as a "journalist" for CNN - ended up doing emergency neurosurgery on "a Haitian victim on a Navy aircraft carrier - in front of the cameras. CNN "journalist" Anderson Cooper grabbed some poor kid covered in blood that a mob was trying to kill - and saved his life - in front of the cameras. As a 4th estate purist, I wonder what your take would be on this? I would guess that you'd say that Sanjay and Anderson should have just stood by and let things happen - while the cameras rolled. Journalists do not "participate" in things, right?. Nor are they human, right? How 20th century. Any response will be posted verbatim on NASAWatch."

Newsman becomes newsmaker, Nature

"There is some conflict between these correspondents' dual roles. Not intervening in a story is a central tenet in journalism, but as doctors, these individuals are compelled to attend the sick and injured when they can help. ... Even at NASAwatch Keith Cowing baits a NASA public affairs administrator who Cowing says takes a hard line on non-interventionist journalism."

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