Please Send "Gordo" Fullerton Your Get Well Wishes - Update

- Keith's note: Linn LeBlanc, Executive Director, Astronaut Scholarship Foundation sent a note out to a bunch of people who, in turn sent it to other people. I eventually got 7 copies. I posted it here - as I have in the past in similar situations thinking it would be nice for readers to also send in wishes. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation then called me to complain that it was posted with contact information so I removed it. I certainly wish Mr. Fullerton well and hope that he has a speedy and full recovery. However, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation really needs to take a few PR lessons i.e. if a family (understandably) wants privacy then the Foundation should not send out an email to people that contains home addresses and emails and openly ask people to send cards and messages.

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