Congressional Flak on NASA's Plans

NASA Gets Flak on New Course, Wall Street Journal

"Criticism of Mr. Bolden's actions came from unexpected directions. Various lawmakers typically supportive of NASA requests said they were "floored" or shocked by the budget package. Complaining that the agency provided only "vague assurances that [astronaut] safety will not be undermined" by the new plan, Rep. Pete Olson, a Texas Republican who represents many NASA employees, confronted Mr. Bolden. He said NASA's leader "managed to surprise, frustrate and anger those of us who have been your greatest advocates."

Technology Would Shape New NASA, Aviation Week

"The objections fall into two broad categories--lack of a clear destination in space for the new program, and a "faith-based" belief, in the words of one House member, that a commercial route to orbit for U.S. astronauts is better than the government-managed Ares I and Orion vehicles. Members also are irritated by delays in getting specifics of the broad-brush plan released Feb. 1, and the apparent lack of consultation outside of a small administration circle in the decision to make such a "radical" change away from a space policy Congress has endorsed."

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