Echoes of Apollo

Obama overhauls NASA's agenda in budget request, Washington Post

"Nearly half a century ago, President John F. Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon. Earlier this month, by killing NASA's Constellation program, President Obama essentially challenged the space agency to do something other than put a man back on the moon."

America's Long Journey Away From the Moon and Mars, Wall Street Journal

"As a longtime NASA booster, I couldn't help but feel a gut kick when the President's new budget meant the end of Constellation, a program commonly nicknamed "Return to Flight" and "Apollo on Steroids." To many of us, Constellation offered an end to the directionless Space Shuttle era and a return to the glory years of Apollo. As a historian, though, I knew at the program's announcement six years' ago that such an epic undertaking, back to the Moon and then onto Mars, would never happen."

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