Holdren Gets Grilled On The Hill

House Appropriators Grill Obama's Science Adviser on NASA Plan, SpaceNews

"Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) accused Holdren of not consulting senior NASA personnel on the decision to terminate the Constellation program. "Your associate administrators and field center heads were not even told of the final details of the plan to cancel Constellation until just a couple of days before its release," he said. Holdren denied the accusation. "They were consulted early in the process and during the process about the options, the characteristics of different possibilities," Holdren said. Tensions mounted near the end of the hearing when Wolf accused three White House staff members seated behind Holdren of wearing smug facial expressions during Culberson's final round of questioning. "I don't care who you work for," he said. "I think you really bring a degree of arrogance here that is just almost offensive."

Aderholt Challenges The President's Science Advisor On Human Space Flight

"This plan abandons any hope of astronauts actually going anywhere, beyond the station, for at least 20 years. I am aware of the OMB statement of NASA's mission of getting ready to go to Mars. But these science projects should be worked on at the same times as launch systems like Constellation which will actually get us somewhere."

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