KSC Job Loss Update

Space Workers Rally To Save Their Jobs, Channel 13

"Lew Jamieson is the president of the Machinist Union at the Kennedy Space Center. He's been there for 32 years. "It's a community issue and that is why we are here today. It's an attempt to bring the community [together]. They need to recognize they can make a difference," he said."

NASA Budget Cuts Rally, WCTV

"In the bitter cold ...thousand rallied. "Are you ready to fight? yeah!!" Their signs cut to straight to the point...."clunkers three billion, NASA zero Many of these NASA employees say the presidents plan to eliminate funding for space flight operation is the wrong move."

'Worth fighting for' is the rally cry, Florida Today

"I don't want to see our astronauts get suited up and get on Russian or Chinese spaceships," said John Kroening, 50, a nonunion production control worker with United Space Alliance. "We want to keep the space industry here. We've always been the leader."

Jobs, community 'Worth fighting for', Florida Today

"We want you to extend the shuttle," should be the message, [District 1 Brevard County Commissioner Robin] Fisher said. "We want you to hold up all votes on everything until Florida is taken care of. If that stops Washington D.C., that's OK."

Keith's note: Good luck with that approach, Robin.

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