Let's All Dump on Charlie

NASA chief takes more flak from Congress, Orlando Sentinel

"During the Thursday hearing, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando hammered Bolden on where he thinks NASA should send its astronauts next. Bolden said NASA's goal was to send astronauts to Mars but he was vague on when that might happen and where astronauts might go beforehand -- as the new NASA vision aims to develop futuristic new spacecraft, rocket engines and fuel depots before settling on a destination. That response didn't sit well with the freshman Democrat, who often interrupted Bolden before concluding that NASA was "taking a shot in the dark" by relying on commercial rocket companies. "What you are doing is taking NASA's manned-space program and making it a faith-based initiative," Grayson said."

Keith's note: Rep. Grayson was being purposefully obnoxious, rude, and snarky today. What purpose that served him escapes me since Bolden's calm professional demeanor certainly made him look like the adult in this little exchange while Grayson came across as an arrogant newbie.

Under Fire, Administrator Defends NASA's New Direction, NY Times

"Notably, those speaking out against the changes are not just members of Congress representing Alabama, Florida and Texas -- the homes of the NASA centers that would be most directly affected by the cancellation of the rockets and spacecraft that make up the current program, known as Constellation."

- Congress grills Bolden about Constellation cancellation, Florida Today
- NASA's New Space Plan a 'Radical Change,' Lawmakers Say, space.com

Rude or not? Watch Grayson grill NASA chief, (with Video) Orlando Sentinel

"At a U.S. House hearing Thursday, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando grilled NASA chief Charles Bolden on the agency's new plan to send astronauts into orbit. The exchange raised eyebrows throughout the House Science and Technology committee, as the freshman Democrat often interrupted Bolden - and prompted some condemnation in space circles."

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