More Sour Notes On The Obama Space Policy

U.S. no longer a space-faring nation, The Hill

"A uniquely American vision of a bold space program can be supported by Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. It would inspire the public and provide numerous technological and engineering spin-offs, while demonstrating to the world that the U.S. remains an optimistic and courageous leader. Congress should firmly reject President Obama's belly-gazing approach to the future and the next frontier by reaffirming the U.S. commitment to manned spaceflight and colonization, set dates for a manned mission to Mars, and boost NASA's budget with these goals in mind."

Last rocket to be fired in Utah as final space shuttle launch nears, KSL

"I believe that we will develop something better in the future," [Harry Reed, ATK Shuttle Program Manager] said. "But at this point in time I don't believe there's another product that delivers more, that is safer and more reliable than what we have to offer." The fight in Congress over the space program is just getting started."

Locals dismayed by space cuts, Knoxville News

"Former U.S. Sen. Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, an Apollo 17 astronaut and friend of Taylor's who spoke at UT in November 2008, has chaired NASA's Advisory Council. He is much more blunt than Taylor in his criticism of Obama: "The administration finally has announced its formal retreat on American space policy after a year of morale-destroying clouds of uncertainty. The administration does not understand, or want to acknowledge, the essential role space plays in the future of the United States."

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