NASA Is Oblivious

The right way forward on space exploration, OpEd, James Cameron, Washington Post

"... the president and NASA have crafted a bold plan that truly makes possible this nation's dreams for space. Their plan calls for the full embrace of commercial solutions for transporting astronauts to low Earth orbit after the space shuttle is retired this year. This frees NASA to do what it does best: deep space exploration, both robotic and human. By selecting commercial solutions for transportation to the international space station, NASA is empowering American free enterprise to do what it does best: develop technology quickly and efficiently in a competitive environment."

Keith's note: The director of the highest grossing movie of all time - a movie overtly about space exploration, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council, writes a glowing OpEd in a prominent national newspaper in support of the new White House's space policy - and yet NASA cannot find a way to make mention of it - any where? Not even a single Twitter posting? At a time when a lot of people are hammering NASA and the Administration over this new space policy, one would think that NASA would be looking for good news wherever they could find it. Guess not.

James Cameron Endorses Commercial Spaceflight, New NASA Plan, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

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