OpEd's Around the U.S. Take Issue With Obama Plan

Farewell to NASA's Glory Days, opinion, NY Times

"One of the most important attributes of a manned space program is its ability to inspire young people to pursue careers in science. As someone who came to power on a platform of inspiration, President Obama knows about the importance of rekindling hope. Killing NASA's storied manned space program and doing away with a timeline for space travel will snuff out much of inspiration and awe that has come to be associated with NASA's endeavors."

Obama must reconsider space mission, Times Leader

"Rarely have we seen such an about-face on an imperative national initiative. Congressional resuscitation is virtually impossible. Who wants to work for, train for and possibly die for the Moon and Mars when our national leader isn't at your side and doesn't have your back? Perhaps Obama thinks we've done that, been there. Or maybe he's not thinking at all."

Space race no longer being run, Walton Tribune

"American space exploration, however, as funded by the government is essentially gone. Obama - or at least his advisors, because I'm not even sure he remembers there is a NASA -- says the future of manned space travel lies in private industry, which is funny from the man who owns General Motors. Apparently, free enterprise is best condoned when it's something you don't want."

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