Space Policy: Lack of Details and Lots of Differing Opinions

JSC chief 'anxious' about facility's future, Houston Chronicle

"Coats and NASA administrator Charles Bolden met with reporters after Bolden spoke with Johnson employees in Houston. "The workers are hurting," Bolden acknowledged. Bolden said he could not say what new programs the Houston space center will attract in the wake of Constellation that may account for some of the jobs lost. "We're at the very beginning of trying to understand what this really does mean," said Bolden, himself a former astronaut. "We can't give any answers until we find out what the follow-on programs will be, and what people we can transition to them."

Manned Flights Beyond Earth's Orbit Unlikely Until at Least 2020, Wall Street Journal

"The Obama Administration's revised manned space program doesn't envision U.S. astronauts venturing beyond Earth's orbit until at least 2020, and perhaps years later, according to the head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration."

Mission correction, Boston Globe

"I hear a lot of people saying, 'Obama kills moon program.' It's not true; the moon program was moribund. What killed the Constellation program [to return to the moon] was years of underfunding since President Bush announced it in 2004,'' said Jeffrey Hoffman, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former astronaut who made five space shuttle flights. "NASA is now engaged on a quick study of what really are the technologies we need to have another go at human space flight beyond the earth."

A New Space Program, opinion, NY Times

"If done right, the president's strategy could pay off handsomely. If not, it could be the start of a long, slow decline from the nation's pre-eminent position as a space-faring power. We are particularly concerned that the White House has not identified a clear goal -- Mars is our choice -- or set even a notional deadline for getting there. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Congress need to keep the effort focused and adequately financed."

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