They Like Commercial Space in New Mexico

Governor Bill Richardson Endorses Commercial Spaceflight, Obama's New NASA Plan, CSF

"In a piece titled "Commercial Spaceflight: Creating 21st Century Jobs" in The Huffington Post, Governor Richardson states, "I am pleased that President Obama and NASA chief Charlie Bolden have decided to promote commercial spaceflight -- let's get to work building this growing industry! The Wright Brothers would be proud." The article can be found here."

A New Exit to Space Readies for Business, NY Times

"President Obama's call last month for fundamental changes in the mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration seemed to open the door, or roof, ever wider to private industry. Some people here interpreted his words to mean that your seat back and tray table should be in their full upright positions, because commercial space travel is about to blast off. And this flat, deserted, mostly rain-free stretch of New Mexico is the perfect location, says Will Whitehorn, the president of Virgin Galactic, the spaceport's anchor tenant. "It is about the closest you get on planet Earth to a Martian landscape," he says."

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