A HotFire for Falcon 9

Photos and Video: SpaceX Completes Test Firing of Falcon 9, OnOrbit

"SpaceX completed a successful static fire today, full 3.5 secs. Official statement below, video/photos to come as available. Today, SpaceX successfully completed a test firing of the inaugural Falcon 9 launch vehicle at Space Launch Complex 40 located at Cape Canaveral. Following a nominal terminal countdown, the launch sequencer commanded ignition of all 9 Merlin first stage engines for a period of 3.5 seconds."

SpaceX Falcon 9 Update

"On Tuesday, March 9th, SpaceX performed our first Static Fire for the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. We counted down to T-2 seconds and aborted on Spin Start (the process that fires the engines). Given that this was our first abort event on this pad, we decided to scrub for the day get a good look at the rocket before trying again. The problem was pretty simple: our autostart sequence didn't issue the command to actuate (trigger) the ground side isolation valve to open."

Keith's 8 March note: SpaceX is apparently going to attempt to hotfire all 9 first stage engines in its Falcon 9 rocket in preparation for a launch later this month. A test that had been planned for today but it has been postponed until tomorrow. Several days ago some cork insulation came off of the first stage during a tanking test. That will have to be replaced before the vehicle is launched.

Keith's 9 March note: The static test firing is planned for 1:00 pm EST today.

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