Astronaut Scholarship Foundation to host Apollo 13 40th Anniversary event

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, (ASF) will be hosting the Apollo 13 40th anniversary on Apr. 9, 2010. This celebration will be a great opportunity for both space buffs and those with only a passing interest in the topic to meet giants in manned space flight history. Attendees will also be treated to spectacular tours and gourmet meals as NASA's Kennedy Space Center, (KSC) plays host to this historic event.

When one visits the Visitor Complex at KSC one normally has a tour guide explain what they are seeing and its historical significance. In the case of the Apollo 13 40th Anniversary the guides will be two of the astronauts who flew the mission, Jim Lovell and Fred Haise as well as Gene "Flight" Kranz, the man who made the famous quote, that "Failure is not an option." They will tell you what they experienced first hand.

The ticket price also includes a look into a mock-up of the firing room and a gourmet dinner underneath the massive Saturn V rocket that is on display inside an expansive building at KSC. During all this you will hear first hand accounts from Lovell, Haise and Kranz as well as "Pad Fuehrer" Geunter Wendt, NASA Project Engineer Bob Sieck and other key astronauts and personnel who were involved with the mission.

Tickets also include a photo opportunity and proceeds will go to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. The ASF is a non-profit, [501(c) (3)] group established by the original Mercury astronauts to give scholarships to students seeking engineering and science degrees.

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