Can't We All Just Get Along?

Keith's note: While commentary over the past few weeks has been spirited, it has been more or less civil. However, in the past few days I have had readers try to post comments with "Uncle Tom" and "Charlie Bolden" in the same sentence, make comparisons of President Obama and Hitler, and post pointless crude comments about Lori Garver as a woman. Such comments will not be tolerated and people who attempt to post such things will simply be banned - without warning. If I see too much more of this I will simply shut comments on NASA Watch off. I know its hard times right now. I went through this during Space Station Freedom. Been there, done that. Losing a job you love sucks big time - I know. I really loved my job - and it was taken away from me for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with me or how I did my job. As such, as you comment, try and be constructive folks. But if you are going to go straight for the gutter, I will close the party down. Look at the pretty picture. Think about how we get there from here.

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